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Owner's Representatives

At HMS, we manage projects as the Owner's Representative for owners or managers of properties within the hospitality, integrated resort, and entertainment industries. For owners without internal project management resources, we provide world-class Owner's Representative services as needed.  These owners receive the same level of capabilities found in some of the world's largest development businesses without the necessity to "ramp-up" staff and risk the possibilities of selecting inappropriate staffers and organizational safeguards. For owners with in-house development, design & construction capabilities, we enhance their capabilities by allowing them to outsource services when needed.  This outsourcing can often be done quicker, with less cost and more certainty of professional competency than expanding in-house staffing. In some cases, our coaching and mentoring can build in-house expertise.

How HMS as an Owner's Representative breaks down

1.  Advocate for the owner’s interests above all others.
2.  Bring a strong and decisive owner’s presence to the project; keep pushing the           project forward.
3.       Provide a source of accountability to the owner in all aspects of the project.
4.       Make certain that project goals and expectations are clear.
5.       Meeting or exceeding the owner’s expectations of quality, schedule, budget, safety and social awareness.
6.       Relieve the owner of day-to-day management of the project while keeping the owner involved in all key decisions which effect design, schedule and budget.
​7.       Liaison between operational and development teams. Making certain that communications are clear.
​8.       Provides the experience, skills and time to manage a diverse group of professionals including architects, designers, engineers, consultants, contractors, vendors and building officials. 

Let HMS Protect your Interest...after all; it is your Asset!

Owners need to protect their interests, and for those owners with limited time, skills, or capacity, the selection of a firm Owner's Representative is essential. An Owner's Representative should have vast experience, and unique skill sets developed as an Owner's Representative. At HMS, we think like owners, and we have the necessary expertise and skillsets to use to the owner's advantage. 

​Hospitality Management Services as Owner's Representatives fall into five basic categories: 

1.       Concept Planning / Due Diligence

2.       Preconstruction Management

3.       Construction / Project Management

4.       Project Controls / Risk Management

5.       Advisory Services