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Colleauge & Client Testimonials

"Paul is one of the most professional, dedicated sales and marketing leaders I have ever worked for and with. His loyalty to his clients and team is second to none, his commitment and dedication in providing the very best service and experience to his clients has engendered him a huge and loyal following. Paul "walks the walk and talks the talk" his business acumen- "first class"! Paul inspires me and infinite others that has had the pleasure to work with him. Some professionals seek advice and inspiration from Tony Robbins, most that I know reach out to Paul Ruffino. In the 25 plus years I have never worked with a person that even comes close to the leadership, passion and dedication of Paul. Paul trumps any leader I have ever worked for- I would be honored to have the opportunity to work for him again- anywhere, anytime! Hands down, Paul is the winning lottery ticket to any company he is a part of."

Yvette Lemoine Baumuller

Regional Sales Director - Southeast & Central Division at Velas Resorts

Until Paul arrived it was a foregone conclusion that the business might not even operate in 2018 due to a number of internal issues. His job wasn't an easy one and by the end of his first month he had done a remarkable job in not just a general reorganization but he saved the company...for another year at least. Working beside Paul was an eye-opening experience for me and I felt like I received a whole new education in hospitality. What was great was his optimism and his desire not to just get the job done but teach others how to do their job better.  I heard him say more than once; "You can't change the direction of the wind, but you can always adjust your sails to reach your desired destination." That's Paul! 

Morgan Anderson 

Manager, Sales Development - Strategic at ZoomInfo

" of the most charismatic leaders of our industry while performing at a very high level, with a huge and well respected following. He knows how to strategize and execute a short and long term business plan, while maintaining both the support of his team members, guests customers and protecting the interests of all stakeholders. I being a Brooklyn boy would very much welcome the opportunity to work with Paul again."

Ray Jacobi

General Manager, Newport Harbor Yacht Club

COO Liberty Club Resorts

"...Paul's passion was unrivaled by any in my professional career. A leader amongst leaders whose strength was building enthusiasm amongst the teams he led and supported. 

It was my esteemed pleasure to host Paul and his highly respected clientele. In all of our time spent with his clients one could not fail to notice the complete ease of his guests whilst in his company. For all of Paul's strengths as a leader, his ability to sincerely connect with people of widely varied backgrounds was even more so. Whether they'd be acquainted with Paul for years or an afternoon it was a challenge to discern the difference. Paul simply wasn't selling. He was a master of building sincere long term relationships, taking a true interest in his clients. By the end of the day none left feeling a lack of how important they were to him or missing an opportunity to have a lifelong friend.

Personally as well as professionally, most all that came into contact with Paul couldn't leave his company without that warm sense of acceptance and being appreciated, a true Master of relating to anyone he encountered...."

Mark Jaeschke

General Manager  at Le Colonial

"... having worked alongside Paul in one of the most interesting projects I have ever been a part of the opening the Resort at Pelican Hill was the ultimate challenge for us both. Paul always greeted the challenge with genuine professionalism and cheer. He displayed the most amazing and caring leadership style I have ever encountered in the business after 20 years. He was the first and foremost leader in the hotel to exude the type of hospitality the Resort was built for during every site visit he performed. I would always take the opportunity to work with him again if the time arises."

- Thomas E. Ryan, Founder/Chef, Restaurant & Hotel Concepts

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